Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Beavis Babies' First Christmas

I suddenly had the urge to blog. Because there is a lot to catch up on, this will be a bit of a hodge podge.

The Beavis Babies had a magical first Christmas day yesterday, and it even snowed! Like all kids, they woke up stupidly early (5am). But after their breakfast they went back down again and Matthew allowed me to go back to bed and sleep in until 9:45am!!! That really deserves three exclamation marks. It really was the best Christmas gift ever.

We have been spreading our living room floor with the babies' many beautiful quilts so that they can practice crawling (now they can stand up in their play yard, they will never learn to crawl as long as they are confined in there). The babies helped with unwrapping a thousand gifts under the tree.

Matthew and I had our traditional croissant breakfast (Matthew sourced some very fine cherry jam). And we all bundled up for a stroll in mid afternoon. Surprisingly, there were many people out, likewise enjoying the light snowfall. Here's Miriam getting ready to go, wearing her new mittens.

Then we drove to Uncle Dan and Aunty Leslie's house for Christmas dinner with the family. The roads were mercifully clear. The feast was marvellous, and after dinner the family entertained the babies with piano-playing and dog-playing. (Although this photo doesn't capture it, the babies LOVED playing with Willy the Westie.)

Matthew took the pictures above of Christmas night. But I took only one (of Terra as we were leaving; she was sitting all alone on a box beside the tree):

Some reflections on Christmas 2017:
  • The babies were little legends. They partied long and hard, and barely a tear was shed all day and night.
  • Our family very kindly declared this a "no gifts Christmas", which let us off the hook completely for Christmas shopping. This was a revelation. Any spare time I had in the lead up to Christmas, I spent with family and friends making cookies and writing Christmas cards (some... I still have some to write) instead of battling shopping mall hoards and growing grey hair in line at the post office.  Like I said: revelation.
  • Jessie is in town! Best Christmas gift ever, for us, the family, and especially the babies.
  • I fulfilled my ambition to make a tofurkey. It was not disgusting (although I put mushrooms in it which made it turn an unappetising grey, so I will not be doing that again in future). 
  • Because of the "no gift Christmas" Matthew and I were able, from the comfort of our own living room, to donate significantly more money (like probably double) than we have ever in the past been able to give to charity . One of the charities we gave to this year was the B.C. Women's Hospital Foundation, in recognition of the magnificent care we all received in March.

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