Thursday, 19 October 2017

Hanson at Vogue Theatre

Last night Matthew and I went to the long-awaited Hanson concert at Vogue Theatre, with our good friend Nicole (she blogs here!). It's the third concert in at Vogue that we've been to, the fourth concert in Vancouver (one wonderful time they played an intimate picnic show at the PNE Fair). And about the hundredth Hanson concert I personally have been to. Still love 'em.

I don't have any pics so here's a couple that I have just now learned to embed from insta...

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You all know how much I love Hanson. It's a "greatest hits" tour, so they played some wonderful old faves. The stand out, which caught me very much by surprise, was "Weird". I honestly can't remember when I've heard that song live. It was magical and transformative.

Nicole very kindly suggested that we sit in the balcony. I was ALL FOR this, because we had been to the Coldplay concert three weeks prior, and it was so massive and we were so far away, I knew that The Vogue would feel intimate in comparison, no matter where we sat. Nicole found some sweet spots on "Taylor's side" (I love that we both instinctively knew which side that was, the right). In front of us was a very young child (less than 10 yrs old) who promptly fell asleep. And behind us (we learned after the show) was a woman heavily pregnant with, you guessed it, twins. #represent.

The crowd was subdued. I'm not sure what their excuse for this low energy was. But hey, I contributed to it, so here's mine:

I always bring such emotional baggage with me to Hanson concerts. Last time (2013?), I was very sick with the flu and had recently had some small surgeries, so I wasn't in the mood to dance. This time, I had two sick babies at home (gastro... urgh), and obviously we are very poorly-slept these days. Whenever I go to Hanson concerts, I very fondly recall the Hanson concerts I have been to in the past, and the people I have met through mutual love of Hanson (technically, Nicole and I met through Hanson, as we tweeted each other as strangers at the 2013 show in Vancouver, although we did not actually meet until 2014!). Last night I felt very far away from some of the best people I have had the privilege of sharing a Hanson concert experience with. I felt a bit sad and homesick and also grateful that I got to have those experiences with those people. Some of them are going through some tough shit at the moment, and some are going through some amazing life-changing things. And I really intensely wish I could be there for them, or that thing were different and we could all just be at the same Hanson concert together somewhere in the world, one more time.

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