Friday, 4 August 2017

Whister Family Mini-Break

Goodness me, it's August already! But before we do August, I have some catch-up reporting to do for July.

For Mother's Day, my mum and I took each other to the Scandinave Spa. Going to the spa has been a favourite activity of ours (isn't it everyone's?) for years, and the last time we got to do this was an Australian visit in 2015 when we went to Daylesford for mum's birthday, with my sister Jessie. Good times.

So we didn't actually go until July, a goodly time after Mother's Day. (Let's be real, I had some recovering to do before I was spa-ready.) Our initial plan was to just hop in the car, leave the babies with Matthew and my dad, and make a ladies' day of it. But then I properly considered the realities of breastfeeding, so we thought we better bring the babies along with us, and of course the men, to look after the babies while we spa'd. [Side note: hats off to the breastfeeding mums who travel for work... you are heroes.] And then we thought, well, it's an awfully long way for a six-person-two-vehicle day trip, so let's make a sleepover of it! We chose a Wednesday-Thursday because that's Matthew's weekend (also not as busy for touristing!).

July is high season in Whistler, and we only firmed up our plans about two weeks prior, so it's fair to say I was anxious about finding accommodation for all of us. But lo and behold, we lucked into the Tantalus Lodge, a short walk from the Village. We got a two-bedroom suite about the same size as our own apartment, so that we would all fit, and the lodge lent us a pack and play for George and Miriam.

Roadtripping with babies exhibit A

Roadtripping with babies exhibits B

Because of the logistics of traveling with babies, we arrived in Whistler no sooner than 4pm on Wednesday. We had to stop at the Squamish roadside Tim Horton's to feed the babes, but in fact that pitstop is something of a tradition for us, as we have stopped for a bagel and coffee there every time we have ever been to Whistler. And of course the babies needed another meal when we got settled into the room. But by 5:30ish we were finally out and exploring the village.

We had never been to Whistler in the summer before, and we were delighted by the greenery and lovely hanging flower baskets and flower beds everywhere; ever the hotels in the village had flower boxes in their windows, it was gorgeous. The weather was warm enough that we chose to dine al fresco, something we have not had a chance to do at all otherwise this year. [Funny story: we had to wheel the double stroller through the bar to get to the patio... the babies always attract attention but the attention they got from the bar patrons was pretty loud and, shall we say, enthusiastic?]

Patio times

The summer flowers

George and Miriam made it through dinner without even a peep. Best babies ever!! Thank you, babies, for allowing us to eat peacefully. We strolled slowly though the village home.

In the morning we woke supremely refreshed because George and Miriam had slept through the night like perfect angels. Thanks again, babies! Of course, this gave my parents the impression that they sleep through the night all the time, and that home life with twins is #nbd. Ha.

Babies conversing

Grandparents and grandkids

We all breakfasted, and then Mum and I hit the spa.


The view from the spa

Feeling all glowy after spa
Last time I went to this spa (with Tess, in 2015), it was November, and about -2 degrees. The day Mum and I went, it was a balmy 20 degrees. We got there pretty close to opening time, so there were few other bathers. We had the steam room and the sauna to ourselves at one point. I really struggled to maintain the silence which is required by the spa, and in fact I broke it several times. Once was when I plunged into a cold pool after the steam room, and gave a very undignified (and annoying, to other spa-goers) yelp.

I think the eucalyptus steam room is still my favourite part of the spa, although the top-most hammock lookout was spectacular (I didn't do this last visit, as it was too cold for sitting around on the top of a hill in a hammock).

After the spa we met up with Matthew and Dad,, and headed into the Village again for a quick bite before home time.

View from the sea to sky highway on the drive home

Thank you to Mum for this delightful Mother's Day gift! I look forward to our next spa date! And thank you to Matthew and Dad for being the best accessories to our spa mission! And of course, thanks again to George and Miriam for being stellar little travelers on their first little vacation.

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