Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Expectation vs. Reality

Matthew and I were marveling the other day (while sitting side by side in the nursery chairs, each feeding a baby and trying not to fall asleep) that the most stressful parts of parenting so far have had nothing to do with the actual babies and their health. Rather the moments of stress have come from ridiculous and unforeseen life details. It's a classic case of expectation vs. reality.

[Full disclosure: I had a long post typed up but then decided not to post it, as the following anecdote pretty much sums up our parenting experience so far... i.e. wasting time worrying about things other than the well-being of the babies, who are currently as blissfully healthy and happy as babies can be at 10 weeks old.]

For example, we were very worried that Terra might attack the babies. But in fact, Terra does not care two jots about the babies. And she is loving all our visitors, because she has so many more laps to choose from when staking out her next nap location.

Terra falling backwards out of her cubby yesterday. Weirdo.

Two weeks ago we were feeding the babies around midnight, and Terra was scratching around in her box (nice timing, Terra). She appeared to have a bowel obstruction, poor little thing, so we decided she needed to see a vet asap. I loaded up the cat carrier and walked her to the 24 hour emergency vet (thank goodness it's in walking distance!) at 1:30am for a bit of cat colonics.

Since then, Terra is on a laxative-supplemented diet, which has resulted in no more dangerous cat constipation thank goodness! However Terra has urinated on our bed twice in protest (we know this is a psychological reaction and not a physiological symptom, as she has a history of inappropriate urination in times of stress).

This has also involved buying two new duvets and a new set of sheets. Also, a fairly steep dry-cleaning bill as we experimented with stain removal. If you have newborn twins you know how utterly challenging it is to even leave the house, let alone take two unscheduled trips to the homewares store and two trips to the dry cleaners in one week. Not something we even remotely foresaw when we were mentally preparing for the enormous task of early twin parenthood.

It should go without saying that we are incredibly grateful that Terra's condition was not more serious. And that it is a privilege to be fretting about duvets and drycleaning, and not about sick babies.

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