Thursday, 4 May 2017

Introducing George and Miriam Beavis

In my last post, I mentioned that at the end of September, Matthew and I learned that we were expecting twins. This was a shock to us, as you can imagine. I was already 12 weeks along when we found out, and twin pregnancies rarely go beyond the eighth month, so we were in for a fast and radical life change.

The pregnancy was mercifully healthy, and aside from what I described as "a persistent feeling of foreboding" (i.e. mild nausea and anxiety) throughout, I avoided all the major nasties (preeclampsia, diabetes, hypertension, etc). This past winter was the worst we have experienced in Vancouver: bitterly cold and quite snowy, and for several weeks the footpaths and roads iced over and the whole city felt like a giant skating rink. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty stoic on my walking commute to work...

Despite my best efforts to stay active, I was granted medical leave from work at 32 weeks (mid February), and remained glued to the sofa with Terra on my lap for the following 5 weeks. I was induced at 37 and a half weeks (this is normal for twins in North America - I'm not sure about other places), and we welcomed George and Miriam on Friday 24 March, at around 10am. Again mercifully, the babies did not require any NICU time, and we took them straight with us to recovery where we hung out for 5 days.

George (2.5 kg) and Miriam (2.3 kg), approx 2 days old, at B.C. Women's Hospital
5 days old, first day home from hospital
2 weeks old
1 month old
Matthew got two weeks off work, and I have a year(!!) of maternity/parental leave. We are adjusting to suddenly being a family of four, and delighting in getting to know George and Miriam as they grow.

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