Friday, 21 April 2017

The Catch Up

 Over the last 9 months I considered shuttering this blog, but things have gotten interesting. Here's what we missed:

August: Mum and Dad came to visit from Melbourne.

September: Ran the Colour Run with my awesome work team. Our wonderful friend and flatmate Rachael moved away to pursue great things in Victoria. (The next weekend Matthew and I learned we were expecting twins. More on that later...)

October: Thanksgiving, lots of overtime at work, experiencing new levels of exhaustion. (Pictured: apple pie and pumpkin pie that I made for Thanksgiving Dinner.) Matthew and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary!

November: San Fransisco to visit Matthew's cousin Helen, and Seattle to visit our friend Jess and meet new friend Elyse (Pictured: Elyse later came to visit us in Vancouver!)

December: Christmas shenanigans, of course. (Pictured: ornaments at the German Christmas Market downtown, and obligatory Christmas gingerbread men)

January - March: I slowed down and went into hiding as I got larger. Lots of time spent on the sofa with the cat.

So that brings us pretty much up to speed. Next post: #beavisbabies!!

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