Sunday, 24 July 2016

White Rock Beach

On Wednesday Matthew and I both had the day off work, and so we press-ganged Rachael into helping us return our left-over flooring to the floor shop in Surrey. Yep, Surrey. To combine chores with pleasures, we organised a beach day at White Rock, and invited Jessie along.

Despite being only 1 hour away from our home, we had never been to White Rock Beach. I feel like I have missed out on so much! This place is a small paradise.

We got there at lunchtime, and swanned into the Beach House rooftop patio. The views were spectacular, and the sun was hot.

Look at that blinding glare! Rachael, Matthew and me in front of the long flat beach.

Someone's excited.

That's not my beer, btw.

Whole gang.

After lunch we donned our bathing costumes and walked into the shallows. The shallows, incidentally, stretched for about 500 metres into the ocean. We only ever got up to the thigh. The water was bath-temperature, so perfect for a wuss like me. There were forests of weeds to wade through (ew ew ew) and a million jellies, fish, and crabs to spot. We spent a good hour wandering slowly across the bay with our eyes cast down to our feet, spotting marine life.

If you make this pic bigger, you can see Matthew and Jessie's head bobbing behind the flock of geese.

Jessie caught a fish with her bare bands!

Matthew snagged several little crabs which tickled our palms.


When Jessie and Matthew were swimming, Rachael and I noticed that the tide had come WAY IN. This dahsed our hopes for flaking out on a beach towel with a book. So we amused ourselves by played a game where we would dash to a quickly disappearing island of sand. The tide came in astonishingly fast.

You might be able to see the train approaching if you make this pic bigger.

A curious feature of the White Rock Beach is that the main street and the actual beach are separated by a serious train track. We were witness to one giant freight train rumbling through. It was apocalyptic and endless in approach. We waited on the beach side for it to pass... it took about 15 minutes.

We couldn't leave White Rock without sampling some local gelato. If it were just Matthew and I, we would (I would) dither about which of the ice cream shops to try out of the 5 we saw on the main street. However, since we were a crowd, we made an executive decision to go with the closest one. The gelato shop was magnificently interesting in its flavour selections. Matthew got rosewater and guava and I got baklava and cardamom/orange blossom. We each loved the other's selection better, so we swapped.

In summary, White Rock was a revelation. I would go there again in a heartbeat. Special thanks to Rachael for assisting us in our Surrey delivery!

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