Sunday, 24 July 2016

Richmond Night Market

Jessie is visiting from Melbourne! On Friday night we met up with Eleanor and Bryerton and hit up the Richmond Night market. It was more fabulous than last visit, because there were dinosaurs everywhere!

The lineup for the market is always intense. I convinced Matthew to drive us from home (because public transit home from the night market is quite a journey, we know from past experience). Even so, we spent about half an hour just waiting to get in. Only the spectre of 100 food carts and several life-size dinosaurs could pacify our impatience. I also read our meet-up time wrong, so although I thought we go there 30 minutes late, we actually got there 30 minutes EARLY. Der, Zoe.

Between getting in and assessing the food situation, we had some serious business with the beauty stalls. Jessie was on the hunt for some fake lashes. I tell you, if you need fake lashes, RNM is the place to go. There were hundreds to choose from.

We met up with E & B, and sussed out the food sitch. I bee-lined for the takoyaki (octopus doughnuts). There were a winner. They even made cheese takoyaki for the non-seafood-eaters (read, actual vegetarians) among us. Thence, on the the meat-on-a-stick truck. Jessie spotted Seitan-on-a-stick, and elly and Bryerton got diverted by some bubble tea.

I discovered that no one in our company had ever had a bubble waffle. To be fair, I myself had not heard of these until last year. As with fake lashes, there is no better place to get a bubble waffle (or any other Asian-night-market-inspired novelty food). This is us waiting for bubble waffle:

The dinosaurs were animatronic, and pretty good at that! Here's the gang with T-Rex. It really roared.

Richmond Night Market has actually become a summer tradition for me, as I have now been there three years in a row. The food is strange and wonderful, the crowd is thick as a moshpit at all times, and the electric cherry blossom trees are charming. Can't wait to do this again next year!

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