Tuesday, 22 December 2015

On the Festive Season

I am writing this from under a blanket. Blogging is the last thing I will do before going to bed at 9pm this evening. It's the Tuesday before Christmas and I have bailed out of most Christmas activities so far. The first couple of times I had to say no to a festive commitment, I was wracked with shame. And after that it got easier.

Aunty Lorraine taught me to make dark fruit cake. Rachael helped me to make some panforte for a work cookie exchange. I went to Matthew's work Christmas party (fully Bacchanalian). We sent some packages to overseas family and friends. And the rest is just gym, work, home, cat, sleep.

I complained to Matthew that I don't know how we did it all last year - cookie exchanges, Christmas parties, shopping, and a pretty heavy workload. And Matthew reminded me that I drank every day last December, and by the time I got to January I couldn't remember the last time I went to bed sober. So although I may be a bit checked out this Christmas, at least I'm not a drunk.

With a tone of desperation in my voice, I really hope that I can recharge during the week between Christmas and back-to-work. I thought that I was cracking the whip pretty hard in 2014 when I was finishing my thesis and working full time. I now understand that that was nothing compared to the vast volume of work I have done this year.

There are 2 workdays to go. We can do it.

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