Sunday, 29 November 2015

Tess and James in Vancouver

Welcome back! We have some catching up to do. Last week Tess and James came to visit from Melbourne. Tess is one of my besties from way back. She came to visit in January 2012, and we went to Japan together in 2014. We were so excited to see her back on home turf last week. And equally excited to spend Qual Time with her beau, James.

Here's a recap of activity highlights:

Ice Skating
Matthew and I live just that little bit closer to Kits since we moved in July. So we have been venturing West when possible to suss out new neighbouhood activities. We knew that Kitsilano had a rink, so we all took a vacay day and hit the rink for some All Canadian Ice Skating. The rink was mercifully free of children, so we could totter gamely without fear of falling and injuring the young (children on ice are volatile). There was a sweet Disney theme song mix on the speakers. Pretty much an authentic rink experience.

Matthew as usual was a total hoon. Tess and I held our own. And James, who had never skated before, did a top job.

James and Tess are keen skiers so we knew that Whistler was a necessity. We took Tess to Cypress when she visited last time, and I discovered that I loathe skiing. Luckily, there is more to do in Whistler than just ski. Whistler opened for the season on Thursday, and we went on Saturday. It was fairly busy.

We set off at 7:30am, before the sun was up.It took about 3 and a half hours to drive from downtown because we stopped at Tim Horton's for breakfast. The views along the Sea to Sky Highway were divine, because it was a perfect clear day.

It was about -2 degrees in Whistler. Matthew and James dropped Tess and me at the Scandinave Spa, and went off skiing. Tess and I got our kit off and hopped in some very warm pools, steam room and sauna. It was a silent environment so we communicated telepathically (actually we just did a whole bunch of ambiguous hand gestures and then conversed properly at lunchtime, but doesn't telepathy sound nicer?).

Stanley Park
On Sunday we rendezvoused downtown in the early afternoon and walked as much of the Sea Wall as was open, and then veered off into Stanley Park proper. We took Lovers Trail to Beavers Lake, then got back on the Sea Wall at Lumberman's Arch until the Totem Poles. And then we walked the ineffably long and windy way back to Coal Harbour whilst watching a brilliant magenta sunset, and spying a seal!!

Ice Hockey
Tess and James very generously took us to a game at Rogers Arena, Vancouver Canucks vs. New Jersey Devils. The Devils wanted it, and defended well. The Canucks did not want it, and flapped around the ice like chickens. But we had a great night anyway.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend the warmest congratulations and best wishes to Tess and James, because while they were visiting our fair city, they got engaged!!! We love them both, and it has been a privilege to share in their joy. Tess and James are continuing on their long North American Adventure, and we miss them already.

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