Sunday, 5 July 2015

Thrifting: Furniture Edition

All who know me know that I love a good op shop (noun and verb). Since becoming property owners, Matthew and I have been Taking It Next Level with the second-hand sourcing. It is my mission never to buy new when something perfectly good already exists outside the retail sector.

1. Consumerism. Ugh. Amiright? and
2. We are not made of money.

However we do need more furnishings to accommodate our new living circumstances. We are very pleased to be welcoming a good friend to share our home (more info to come) and we need to furnish the second bedroom ASAP.

This post could also be titled "Craigslist: A Love Story". I had known of the existence of Craigslist, but only in an abstract way. Since arriving in Vancouver we have lived in the same, sparse, 500 sq ft apartment. Between my very generous extended family and a single excursion to Richmond (for a dining set and some kitchen wares), we have not needed significant furniture upgrades. About 2 years ago we needed a new bed and couch, and we sourced them pretty quickly and easily on Craigslist. But those were immediate purchases of necessity. Like a person who only needs bread and milk bee-lines into and out of the supermarket ignoring the candy sale, we just got our gear and got out.

Now, since I have the leisure, I have been carefully combing through Craigslist for our requisite furnishings. Here is what we have found so far:
  • Brass bed with porcelain cherry-blossoms
  • White wrought-iron bed
  • Antique hardwood desk
  • Two banker's lamps (one brass and one green glass)
  • Chair (bonus when we bought the desk)
  • Microwave (actually bought from our friends, but still an excellent second-hand acquisition)
What we still have to find:
  • Floor lamps (the living and bed rooms have no light fittings! wtf?)
  • Book case (our current apartment has one built in to the wall. Our new one has no such invention).
  • Patio furniture for balcony
  • Mini barbecue for balcony
  • Armchair (our couch simply doesn't fit all three occupants of our new home, even if we are good friends)
...And what I found but cannot have:
  • Two antique carousel horses ("But Matthew, carousel horses. Antique." "But Zoe, we have no space and also are you kidding no.")
So grateful we have a wagon.
Actually Matthew has been very obliging about my new habit. We have lived sparsely for four years, but it is time to get cozy and furnish. (We also have to do some significant home redecoration over the coming months, which I am sure will be covered in journalistic detail on this blog.) I'm looking forward to it.

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