Monday, 25 May 2015

Working Life (Part 2)

Back in March, I blogged about working life, and the struggle to be grateful for the small pleasures we can afford in the time we have together. Since then, our professional outlooks have both changed, pretty dramatically.

First of all, Matthew celebrated his PR by promptly getting a SWEET new job in Kitsilano. Excellent move, my love! Among other perks, Matthew is now able to walk to work for the first time in 10 years!

Secondly, the mat leave replacement position I have been doing since August came to an end on Friday, and I am transitioning back to my previous role. It is hard to feel self-congratulatory about this move, since it is technically a step down, but I am grateful for the following things: I can now walk to work again, every day. No more waiting in the rain for the bus while juggling shoes, computer and lunch. No more frantic Sunday afternoon emailing to prepare for Monday mornings. My old office has a friend AND a window (bliss!).

So Matthew and I are now fellow early risers and pedestrian commuters, and will be home by 6pm every day! Well, most days.

But that feeling of exhaustion has not left. I wonder whether it ever will. I have been working two jobs (because I have occasional casual weekend work) and volunteering (I will write another post about that another day), and we have both been training for our second half-marathon coming up at the end of June. I thought after I finished my degree in October/November that I would all of a sudden have all this free time. And really, I do. We slept in till 9:30 today. I'm sitting at the dining table typing out blog posts in between loads of laundry, and not working. That IS free time, in adulthood.

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