Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Second Key Lime Pie

You know you've been blogging for a long time when you start looping back on yourself. On the Victoria Day long weekend (16-18 May), Matthew and I experienced a shared and sudden yearning for Key Lime Pie. We consulted our records, and it had been almost three years since our last pie of this type.

We had a pretty strict budget for our long weekend, and the pie turned out to be a flash of genius. Why? Because it involved:

1. Planning and executing a trip to our favourite local food store, Meinhardt, for all supplies. While Key Lime Pie does not have a lot of ingredients, those it does have are not on regular rotation in our kitchen. For example: lime juice, lime, graham cracker crumbs, condensed milk, Devon cream. All delicious, but rare.

2. Entertaining! My good friend Maddie guided me in a short bike ride around the local abandoned schoolyard (not as creepy as it sounds.) Maddie is teaching me to ride, because I do not know how to ride a bike. Hashtag adult learner, hashtag never too old to learn, hashtag childhood fail. In return I could offer her a cup of tea and a piece of pie. The next day, Cousin Elly and her beau Bryerton popped round for a bottle of champagne and a slice of same pie. Double party! By the way, you know what goes with champagne? EVERYTHING.

3. A sense of achievement (me) and living on the edge (Matthew). This is probably a sad tale of our oldness and boringness, but Matthew is of course allergic to lime. And so partly the reason why I haven't baked this favourite of all his desserts is because it's actually really self-destructive for him to eat it. But we thought, once in 3 years, can't be that bad for him. He doesn't smoke, drinks modestly, keeps fit, saves his pay cheque, phones his mum... in general he lives an orderly life. So if the man wants a Key Lime Pie once in 3 years, by god let him have it.

Isn't it pretty? Disclaimer: in the Spirit of Thrift (and also because Granville Island was just a bit too far away at the time we hatched this plot), we used bog ordinary lime, not Key lime. This means the pie is much tarter, but I like that about it. And seriously, next time you have Key Lime (or Bog Ordinary Lime) Pie, consider serving it with a flute of sparkles. You will be pleasantly rewarded.

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