Thursday, 1 January 2015

How Will It Be Different in 2015?

Welcome to the New Year. We had a bittersweet NYE last night.

It started with a great big family Chinese take-out feast at Gramma's house. We said farewell to cousin Carolyn, who is moving to Edmonton tomorrow. Then Matthew and I took sister Jessie to the airport and she flew back to Melbourne. We had a REALLY AWESOME time with her while she was here. It was tough to let her go. We put on a stiff upper lip, grabbed some pink champagne out of the fridge, and headed to Martina and Stu's to drink it and ring in the new year. After midnight I told a 20-year-old to "put some pants on" before she left the party (cute mini-dress, bare legs, it was -2 outside, I was concerned). I am cringing today. So probably 2015 can only get better.

I love a good New Year's Resolution. And I am not particularly concerned if I can't keep it. It's the trying that counts. I think of resolutions in two categories: personal and team.

Personal: Last year I thought I should swear less but I had a degree to finish, three continents to visit, and a promotion to go for, so I had to pick my battles. I already floss and work out regularly. So this year I'm going to try to drink less. I'm not attaching any numbers. I'm just saying less.

Team: While Matthew's permanent resident application is being reviewed (might take half the year) we are going to concentrate on saving every penny, spending weekends and days off together and with friends and family, and generally Working With What We've Got.

I wrote 43 blog posts in 2014. That's less than one a week. I can do better in 2015. I don't have to Do Adventures in order to blog. I can just document our time here.

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