Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Annual Decorating of the Gingerbread House

Sunday was full of merriment, family, and candy. Piles and piles of candy.

Since 2011 Matthew and I have been gratefully piggy-backing on the K family's Crackertown tradition. The cousins assemble houses, buildings, and other landmarks (pond, or spaceship, for instance) out of graham crackers glued with royal icing and festooned with candy.

We bring along a gingerbread house that we have made the day before, and cover every surface with m&ms. This year we got fancy, added some licorice all-sorts.

Here's how it went down.

The Assembly

Matthew carefully measured the shapes. Well, pretty carefully.

While the icing set, we tired it round the middle with twine.
Full disclosure: the assembly of the gingerbread house after hours on Saturday was not the most harmonious moment in our marriage. However we were super extra peaceful and team-spirited in the decoration the next day, so all is forgiven.

Decorators At Work

Gramma and Aunty Lorraine kept a watchful eye.

The Works-In-Progress

This is the space station! Jessie's work. Natch.

The Finished Product:

What happened next
We ate it!! Well, a bit of the roof. It is HUGE so we will have to nibble a bit every day.
Massive thanks to cousins and bf's of cousins, for decorating and photographing! It was an awesome afternoon of Christmas crafting.

Photo courtesy of Bryerton.

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