Thursday, 13 November 2014

Remembrance Day at the Vancouver Aquarium

My good friend Ann took me to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra on Saturday night and we took in a very crowded and earnest performance of Britten's War Requiem. It was sombre and considered, and by the time Remembrance Day arrived on Tuesday, we felt we had memorialised with attention and care. There is no end to memorialisation, and when we were downtown that morning, we heard the guns and saw the planes fly overhead. But we didn't attend the Remembrance Day parade.

Instead, Ann took me and Matthew to the Vancouver Aquarium.  (Ann has a magical "keys to the city" sort of arrangement.)

Ann and me at the new front door of the Vancouver Aquarium.
All the Jellies. As I like to tell everyone, Jellyfish will take over the world, and it won't be pretty.

This sea otter is a young female. She tapped the glass with her paw to be fed more fish. So charming.

African Penguins! Their belly spots are unique to them, but they all have belly spots, so unless you carefully memorise them, they still all look the same.

These little eals are the best. There are striped and spotted varieties in this tank, and they are divided stripes on one side, spots on the other.

The clownfish loved to hide in the anemones.

These might be piranhas?

This ugly fish looked a bit out of place in the beautiful corral.

We took in the dolphin show, the beluga show, and the sea otter show. I can't remember the last time I went to all the shows! Still good. The belugas, especially.

There are no photos of the Amazon room, but we hit this up first, and the power actually went out while we were entering there! Once we were in, we saw marmosets, a green parrot, some turtles "having carnal relations" as a lady delicately described it, and two raucous blue macaws, one of whom was malting badly around the scruff of its neck. Wild times in the Amazon. And we had a sloth sighting!

Afterwards, we went for fish and chips (yes, we appreciated the irony of this) in the little log cabin pub beside Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park.

Matthew and Ann in front of the Stanley Park Pavilion

We found some swings!! And they were completely empty! There were three in a row, and they were just waiting for us.

We walked from Stanley Park back into town because it was such a beautiful evening. We passed the most inflamed and glorious trees on West Georgia. But gosh it was chilly.
Warmest thanks to Ann for such a lovely day out! The Aquarium is always worth a visit.

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