Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Fabulous Week

Welcome back! July was full, and I miss blogging. Last week in particular was the best. It always is. It's Fireworks + Pride week/end. Here's a photopost I prepared, to show you all that's been going this month.

The Kingswood (best building in the city, right down the street from us) had an apartment for sale. Sob. I have never so much wanted to be a multimillionaire.

We ate many ice creams. Here we are with Martina and Stu, at La Casa Gelato, of course!

On the theme of ice cream, I convinced Matthew to come out one evening after work to find Mario's on Quebec St. It was actually 3.7kms away. We really deserved our ice cream after that walk. And then we took the Sea Wall home in the twilight. The tide was very high in False Creek. And the Wall was so busy with walkers at 10pm!

We went to not one but two Fireworks  nights in Vanier Park. Both times we arrived just before they commenced. So perfect! The first night we saw France (the best bit was the red heart-shaped fireworks). But Japan was the real winner. The music matched the bangs perfectly, and the whole sky was filled with stunning shapes.

Finally (saving the best for last) I had the great honour to be invited to march in the Vancouver Pride Parade. I was representing my work, and I met some great people and had a really hot fun day with my work friend, Cail. And I didn't get too sunburnt! Best day ever. Matthew saw me on tv (he was watching on his computer at home, and he took some screen shots...)

Bless him, Matthew helpfully circled me.
Phew. If only all weeks of summer could be so fabulous.

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