Sunday, 30 March 2014

Scones with Jam and Cream

This afternoon was book club. The book, Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, wasn't very good. It was my choice. We only got two other members to discuss it. That's a pretty small turnout. I'm rethinking my involvement in book club.

However, it was a stunning opportunity to make scones with jam and cream. They rose well, were a nice golden colour. Quite fluffy in texture, although they could have been more buttery. Not too much sugar, but of course slathered so thickly in jam and cream that it wasn't noticeable.

This weekend without Matthew has been a tough one. I have been doing the daily routine all week, but with a mild feeling of emptiness or meaninglessness, just running around in circles (gym work home gym work home ad infinitum). But on Saturday I stared at my 8000-word last thesis chapter dumbly and blankly, and only wrote 50 more words total. I'm actually starting to be scared I won't finish it.

Tomorrow is a precious day off work. I'm sad that this long weekend coincided with Matthew in Toronto, and yet because of our other vacation choices I couldn't fly to meet him. It is, after all, a special weekend, our 3 year wedding anniversary.

So you see, there were a lot of good reasons to make scones with jam and a generous dollop of cream this afternoon. They are a temporary cure-all.

Warm thanks to Ann and Martina, trusty book club attendees and good friends, for sharing their Sunday afternoon with me and two pots of tea.

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  1. Stick with book club. :) It's hard when you hit that moment in your hobby where you don't enjoy every moment of it. I've made plenty of garments I've hated and donated a week later. I don't know if it's possible to do this with books, but is it possible to pick a "safe choice"? When I've had a crappy sewing session, I usually then go make something I've made before that's easy, just for the ego boost. Maybe you can read a classic or something?

    I would also recommend sticking with the jam and scones routine too. :)