Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Matthew in Toronto

Matthew has gone to Toronto for a looooong time. Like, more than one week. It's for a pretty exciting work opportunity, and so I'm proud of him and glad he's getting this experience. It's a privilege to have a workplace that will send him out to explore Canada.

But also, I miss his face.

Matthew and I have not been separated for this long since 2009. We've grown very used to being with each other every day. This is tough. But we have skyped every evening. And text-messaged throughout the day.

When Vancouver is just starting to bloom, our streets turning pink and white with blossoms, Toronto is still gloomy and freezing. It was minus 12 degrees there today. Matthew showed me a photo he took of a pile of snow taller than a car. Even though it rained all day today in Vancouver, there were still cheery flowers growing in every yard between home and work.

Things I have been doing to cope:
  • Sleeping with an extra blanket over the covers
  • Double locking the door
  • Meeting up with my Gramma for dinner
  • Cleaning the apartment a bit obsessively
  • Making plans to study with my friend
  • Reading my book club book and binge-watching Beverley Hills 90210
  • Eating chocolate after every meal
So it's pretty much the spinster life here until Matthew gets home.

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