Monday, 17 March 2014


In summer 2013, my friends from UBC English started up a support group called "Master of Arts Anonymous". There were five of us, and we met for lunch or drinks and discussed our thesis projects and set goals. We read each others' work. It was nice.

One by one, the original M.A.A. cohort graduated. Some even moved away from Vancouver. I am the only one still writing.

In November I was invited along to meet with some thesis-writers from the new cohort. Yesterday evening we met at The Wallflower, a cafe on Main St, for a refreshment and some commiseration. I took fellow M.A. friend Kelly with me, because we had been studying together. I like the opportunity to talk to my peers and friends about their research. The thesis projects are diverse and fascinating. I also like the opportunity to have a big open-heart whinge about how awful it is that I haven't graduated yet.

But mostly I value the community, and I care about these people and the progress of their writing.

My goals for the next meeting, in April, is to have finished my final chapter. I'm so close. I only have about 5 pages to go. I just want to be done with the writing and start addressing the months-old criticism my supervisor and committee have kindly offered.

I told Matthew that I wanted to fast-forward my life a little bit, and how it made me feel guilty. I'm sure if when I graduate I'll romanticise this time of my life dreadfully.

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