Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Finer Things in Life

This weekend was an all-out, decadent, luxury-fest from beginning to end. Matthew and I are back at the old dining table, hobbying and writing (well, working up to the thesis. Blogging is writing too, you know). We're feeling tired, full, and not a little impoverished after living pretty lavishly these past days.

Scotch-Widows Wine Night (chez Beavis)

Yesterday in the evening Matthew was off to Stu and Martina's place for a blokey Scotch-tasting. He assured me there were more than twelves scotches, and a whole table covered in home-made food. Not to mention gambling, boardgaming, and hockey-watching.

All the ladies who were not invited to Scotch night (that is, all the ladies including Martina; it was a chaps-only affair) came over to our place and we got stuck into some sparkly and other wine. I met and got to know better some really lovely women, who just made themselves at home here for the evening. I'm so grateful for the good company, and for the generosity and hilarity of these people. Cheers and laughs all night.

And the food. And the drink. Oh my word. We stocked up on a reasonable selection of cheeses, because a) all cheese is good and b) who really knows what exactly pairs with wines? And just when we were feeling full to bursting with cheese, there were cream-filled chou pastry puffs. As one after the other of us bit into these little balls of heaven, we each discovered how projectile the cream was... Lots of giggles.

I farewell'd the last of the ladies out the door at a bit after 1am, and was in bed a bit before 2am. Matthew tumbled in before 3am.

Dim Sum Brunch at City Square

Guys, give us a gold star, because after the debauchery of the Scotch and Wine Sex Segregated Festivities, Matthew and I actually hauled out of the house and walked to our Dim Sum date by 11:10am! (Only 10 minutes late).

We were joined by Matthew's work posse and significant others, all of whom are super friendly and kind people I've met a couple of times before. There were seven of us at brunch in total, and we ordered nearly everything on the menu. At least, it felt like it.

We were seated in an anteroom with a view out onto an enclosed garden. The restaurant, Kirin, is on the roof of City Square (opposite City Hall, as close to the centre point of the city of Vancouver as it's possible to be). Out the windows was the most stunning and clear view of downtown and the mountains. And it was a mild and sunny day. Perfect walking-to-brunch, forget-yo'-worries weather.

The two "fancy" menu items that we ordered were Leather Jacket Fish (look and texture of wings but actually fish, and glazed with a sweet sauce - very delicious) and Chicken Feet (don't think I have to describe this one, do I?). Matthew had both, but I only tried the fish.

My favourite is still the taro dumpling. You have to try this. Here's a picture I found randomly on the web because we were too busy eating to take pictures; ask for it when you next do Dim Sum:

Brunch was bittersweet, because last Thursday Matthew's work had a team restructure, so all the men at the table today will no longer be working so closely together come February. They'll still be colleagues, but the band has definitely broken up, as it were. I feel like Dim Sum was the right balance of relaxed and fancy to commemorate the moment.

Bargain hunting the January Sales

Would you believe, our afternoon didn't even end there? Matthew and I are both in need of some very basic things (some of my clothing actually shredded in the washing machine the other day, because it was so old *sadface*). So we hopped on the Skytrain and headed into town for a bit of January Sale chaos.

Matthew's actually an excellent shopper. He has a lot more luck with these things than I do. He picked up a dark green lambswool jumper, some blue chinos, and a belt. I picked up a fancy new hairbrush (omg I need to do a whole blog post just on my hair... it's my primary concern) and a navy work dress.

We will be having left over cheese, bread and vegetable sticks for dinner, and I will not be having any more wine for the foreseeable future.

Heartfelt thanks to our good friends and new friends, who made our weekend amazing!

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