Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I Turned 30

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I had to work, but my colleagues made the very best of it for us all, by taking me out for a very long lunch at the Banana Leaf on Broadway. It was delicious and relaxing, and I'm glad I could share the cheer. Everyone needs a long lunch once in a while.

In the evening, I skyped with my Mum (and Dad briefly) while Matthew arranged my beautiful flowers.

Lilies from Matthew and Tulips from Gramma
Then Carolyn, Sophie, Aunty Eileen, Aunty Lorraine and Gramma all came over and we had Indian food and the most amazing selection of fancy cakes.

Gramma and Eileen

Lorraine and Gramma

The cake selection

Getting ready to blow out the candles (with my curry breath).

The Gluttony.
After dinner I unwrapped birthday gifts. I feel amazed and touched by how well people know me; the gifts were personal, useful, and thoughtful.

Mum let me know on the phone that I was to expect something precious in my package from them, but I could hardly imagine how precious... it is a garnet necklace (my birthstone) with diamonds. This is the only picture I have of it (yet... I'm never taking it off), and as you can see, I'm in my pyjamas. *no shame* It actually perfectly matches a garnet ring I was given by my Great Aunty Barb when I was about twelve, and which I still wear to this day.

The birthday celebrations continue on Friday evening, when Matthew is whisking me away for a Romantic weekend in the countryside. It will be nice to escape from the city; we haven't been to the countryside since we were in Australia last February!

Full disclosure: I approached my birthday with much trepidation this year, because it is a big round number, and because it was on a Tuesday (who has time for a birthday on a work day? Totally incongruous). Matthew did a lot of soothing talking, hand-holding, and plan-B-making in the week leading up to it.

Thanks to my family, here and in Melbourne, who thought of me, helped me celebrate, and treated me with such perfect gifts. Thanks to Matthew, who literally made the day happen by coaxing me out the door to work and back home again afterwards. And warmest birthday wishes to Matthew's mum, Hilary, who is also celebrating this week! We miss you, and we are thinking of you.

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