Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014: Get into it.

How I feel. Not how I look, obvs.
Good morning, friends and family. I am happy to report that 2014 has arrived in the Pacific North West, possible nearly the last part of the world. We enjoyed hearing New Year Well Wishes from friends and family a good 20 hours in advance. We also enjoyed a nice long (written) chat with my sister, Jessie, and a video skype with Matthew's mum, Hilary.

Also, we enjoyed some champagne.

Matthew wearing the best tie ever, pink with palm trees and hula girls. His choice, not mine.

Me trying to stay awake at 10pm.
I don't want to crowd up this poor little blog with a list of self-reflection and resolutions and stuff. However, I would like to put two things out there:

1. Must. Finish. Degree.
2. Stay strong and on-track with the vegetarianism.

2014, come at me.


  1. If I'm getting my degree, you're getting yours. Deal!

    1. Thanks, I really need the motivation *pulling socks up* :)

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  3. Aw, great resolutions. Hope you have an amazing 2014!