Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Winter Solstice

It is the shortest day of the year, and Vancouver is covered in snow. It snowed on Thursday night and on Friday I was the first person to walk out our apartment building at 6am, leaving new footprints in the snow. It snowed all day until about 3pm. On the way home on Friday evening, I saw a 5-foot-tall snowman with a carrot nose, just like on a Christmas card.

There was more snow on Friday that the snow day we had last week, and also last year. I'm so glad I own a pair of cheap snowboots (they're very stylish, however, with a bold houndstooth check), so I could save my poor shoes from snow damage. I have enjoyed mushing through the streets, it feels festive.

View at 5:45am from our bedroom window onto the alley below

This kept Matthew busy at work all day
View from our balcony at 8:30am

View from our dining room

View from our living room

The days have been filled with activities. Matthew has been working very hard and I have been accounting for any spare moments with baking. We're onto our fourth batch of gingerbread this evening, with which we are baking a house. Photos to follow, I promise.

Gingerbread man and gingerbread Warhammer 40k warrior... Matthew decorated both.
Every surface of our apartment is covered in Christmas cards from people in Australia, United States, and Britain. We really feel the distance at Christmas time, and these cards make us feel it even more, but kind of in a happy way.

We just got in from delivering a batch of the above to our friends in the neighbourhood. Afterward the delivery, we stomped across a park trying to find the untrammeled bits of snow (there weren't any) and rated the various snowmen who were toppling after a day of rain. It was delightful.

On the shortest day of the year we are warm, busy, and well fed.

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