Sunday, 22 December 2013

I Run

Today I'm celebrating a small victory: since signing up to Map My Run in March this year, I have run over 700 miles. That's over 1126 kilometres.

I know, right? My biggest month was November, when I ran 101 miles. I had a crappy time in October with a strained groin (again), some minor surgery and a really bad cold which lasted for over a fortnight. I remember thinking at the time, when I get better, I'm going to CANE IT. And it looks like I did.

Matthew and I are planning to sign up for our first half-marathon in summer 2014, notwithstanding any injuries along the way. I think we can do it.


  1. this is outstanding!! this is the second thing I've seen this week (even though you wrote it weeks ago) about cool running apps. I'm ditching my boring one I've decided. Not sexy or motivational enough.

    1. Thanks, Nyssa! I'm not sure that Map My Run is the best. I know Run Keeper is popular? Depends if you mostly run or if you do other things as well :) Also, running not sexy. Like, ever.