Sunday, 17 November 2013

Where did that weekend go?

This weekend was a busy one. Friday night kicked off with our friend Martina's birthday at Original Joe's. I had a veggie burger because I'm still trying to be a vegetarian. Everyone drank a well deserved beverage or two.

Yesterday (Saturday) Matthew and I finally got the sleep-in we were cruelly denied last weekend (when our work alarms went off two out of three long-weekend-mornings!!), and then I went to UBC and submitted another chapter. Woohoo. I was so proud of myself for hitting the "send" on my email attachment, that I promptly left the office and met my friend Mary-Anne for a hot chocolate and a Nanaimo bar... and didn't write any more for the rest of the day.

Last night we went out for Greek, which we have not had in forever. Not that good. However, it was nice to go out for dinner, as a concept. And none of those snow flurries which were forecast ever actually eventuated, so that's also a positive of the evening.

Today Matthew and I hauled out of our warm and cozy and relaxing and comfy bed and went for a long run around our neighbourhood. 8 miles!! It's our third longest run ever. At one point, the sun came out and streamed upon us, so that we squinted at its brightness. It was transcendent.

We then did super important and boring things mid-afternoon, when we went for an almond latte and a vegan brownie at Heirloom (where we ran into Martina and Stu again!).

Things I'm currently fretting about:

1. Tomorrow I have a day off work (yay!!) and I've packed it full with administrative appointments to change my name, get a new passport, get a BCID (because I don't have a Canadian driver's license), and have AAAALLLL my documents notarised. I'm also hitting campus for a couple of hours of study as well. Wish me luck.

2. Christmas. Holy what? It's so close! I'm worried about gifts, cards, baking, shopping, parties, over-eating, over-drinking, everything.

3. My next thesis chapter. I'm plum tuckered out. I have no idea what this one will hold.

4. The cold weather. I broke down and bought some leggings. I loathe leggings, for the following reasons:
a) they are unflattering in the booty region
b) they bunch at the knee when you bend
c) they don't have feet, so if you want your feet to be warm, you have to wear socks
d) they are black, but that faded cottony black which actually doesn't go very well with any of your truly black little black dresses.
However, I have shredded so many pairs of stockings lately, I don't actually deserve another pair until I can care for them like an adult (see also: crystal stemware, porcelain teacups).

Time marches on, doesn't it?

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  1. This is leftover advice you gave me before I went to live in Sweden, and this survived cats, dogs, Swedes and turtles -- get the highest denier stockings you can find. Like, way over 100. Those stockings I bought at Myer with you lasted almost ten years (!!!). I've bought less than 100 denier since and I struggle to get a season out of them. Because you're right, leggings are useless and they make your feed cold.