Sunday, 3 November 2013

Double Brunch

This post should be entitled Triple Brunch, because that's how many brunches I actually had this weekend.

Yesterday was blustery: leaves were off trees, pavements cascaded with rain, feet got wet. (Aside: after 5 years, I finally took my boots in to be topy'd and waterproofed. I suck at responsible boot ownership, I know.) Matthew and I braved the three-block-walk to the travel agent and booked flights to London!! Blighty, here we come.

After which, Matthew and I were so faint and famished from the amount of money we had dropped, that we went for brunch at Heirloom, the local vegetarian restaurant with a sign outside which said "open wood fire in here". Sold.

We talked about our week just past, the future in general, our holiday in particular, and everything. It was nice to catch up.

In the evening, we drove over to Stu and Martina's house and we all went for Chinese dinner on Fraser St, with the promise of boutique ice cream afterwards. There's a new ice cream shop, Earnest Ice Cream, and M&S had raved about it. We were suitably impressed. Matthew had lavender flavour, M&S had candy bar flavour, and I had a highly-recommended whiskey hazelnut. The hazelnuts were large and plentiful.

...And that's the last ice cream of the season, folks, because last night we licked goodbye the last evening of Daylight Saving for another year. It's going to be a long dark four months until it kicks back in. Sadface.

This morning, with that extra hour, I had time to attend not one but two brunches on Main St. Much like last weekend, the sun was so gorgeous and perfect, we just had to walk there. Overnight there had been a decent snowfall on the local hills. Every block had a uniquely picturesque view.

My UBC friend Rachael (she's graduated already, bless her), was having a birthday at a tequila bar on Main St called El Camino's. It was pretty delish, all the eggs had a mexican theme. Rachael's birthday was a ladies-only affair, so I left Matthew in the Bean Around The World (with All The Toddlers, poor chap), and caught up on Life After MA.

Then I swept up Matthew and we met Cousin Carolyn (birthday girl), the Kings, and Gramma, at East is East. Brunch is very popular on Main St. We sat in the window and drank very spicy chai, and heard all the family gossip.

By 2pm, we were ready for afternoon tea. I'm not even kidding. So Aunty Lorraine gave us all a lift to Gramma's house, and we ate fruitcake in a sunbeam, and listened to the Emperor Concerto on the radio. It was totally splendid. In the middle of it, my mum phoned, and although I did not get a chance to talk to her, we did receive an update on the health of their terrier, Milly, who got in a Situation with an Eastern Brown Snake over the weekend. She lived to tell the tale! Wonderdog!

So now it's another Sunday evening, writing another blog, getting ready for another week at work. Except this week, I will be leaving home in the dark and also getting home in the dark. Farewell, Daylight Saving. I will miss you singularly and passionately, and I look fondly forward to your swift return.

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