Sunday, 24 November 2013

Craft Night at the Beavis House

Yesterday I went to UBC, but there's no heating in Buchanan Tower (where the English Department is) on the weekend, so instead I went to the Irving K Barber Library for a good old-fashioned study sesh with the general student population.

When I was shopping for degree programs, what really attracted me to the UBC English Department were the excellent facilities. And by excellent, I mean private. We have a private reading room, a private computer lab, and a private kitchen and lounge. (If you're teaching, as I was for some terms past, you also get a private office.) They're old and brown and unfashionable, but they're all ours. So my foray to IKB Library yesterday was a bit of a shock.

Yes, the high ceilings and stain-glass-filtered sunlight were nice. And the wooden furniture looked very American Campus Chic. But it was confronting to have to study cheek-by-jowl with a zillion undergraduates. Words got written, and I got outta there. I'm debating whether to get myself some earplugs and go back next Saturday, or whether to just bring a blanket and a hot water bottle to Buchanan Tower and tough it out, like they did in Victorian times.

Today was the most lovely day. It was mild (ie. above zero) and sunny, and Matthew and I walked to Main Street to meet his friend Harry for Dim Sum. Afterwards, we went vintage shopping. Natch.

This one of the windows in Front and Company, one of the most beloved stores on Main St. Hovering above the cakes are fat little bumblebees. Too sweet.
We rolled back home at 4pm and Matthew got crafting with his lino cut set. Matthew is, as you know from previous posts, quite a crafter. Whether it's Warhammer sculpting, or cookie decorating, he likes to get all up in there with the paints and the tools. I'm more of a big-picture, end-product, conceptual-vision person myself. Detailed oriented I am not. So the division of labour so far has been Matthew lino-cutting, paint-rolling and pressing, and Zoe writing. The Canadian Wildlife Federation (which has been sending us useless stationery at regular intervals since Matthew donated in the spirit of Christmas giving this time last year) finally sent us something useable: pre-printed festive address labels.

We were ready to go.
Matthew designed a linocut of retro warhammer robot heads, to make prints, to photograph, to digitally crop, to make his new Seasonal Blog Header.

Here they are printed.

While all this was going on, here's me, actually writing you a Christmas card. No, but really, aren't they festive? :)
Christmas has come early to the Beavis household. Next week is The Great Cousin Cookie Exchange of 2013, and the week after that is the Putting Up of the Tree...

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