Friday, 4 October 2013

Portland 2013, Part 2

Note: I wrote most of this yesterday but didn't get to post because it was such a long day :(

Last night Matthew and I went to see Hanson. It was a surprisingly late night. More on that in a later post.

Monday (in Portland)

We pulled open the curtains to discover a couple of bubbles floating past the fifth floor. On an adjacent carpark stood a woman in pigtails, the source of the bubbles. Only in Portland. In the business district. At nine am on Monday.

Zoom for bubbles.
Anyway, here's what the rest of Monday looked like:
This is just painted on the building.
A shop cat.
After breakfast we headed over one of the many many bridges to the East side of town so that Matthew could check out a massive gaming and hobby store.

One of Portland's many bridges, looking onto another of Portland's many bridges.

Giant wargaming and hobby store.

Joel, the game shop guy.
A vivid sign describing the effects of tram tracks on your bike.

More vintage shopping!

A room of bones at the vintage shop.

Getting some ramen (at a very white ramen shop... did we mention how white Portland is?)
In the afternoon we took advantage of a spot of sunshine, and headed for the Japanese Garden in Washington Park. Our map was neither to scale nor descriptive, so we did some serious trekking up the Goose Hollow hill (a fancy neighbourhood) by accident, when we realised how far the bus had dropped us from the garden. And in fact we had to cut through the Test Rose Garden to get to the Japanese Rose Garden! Anyway, it was worth the wait. The Japanese Garden was stunning.
Washington Park monument

One of the many picturesque views in the Japanese Garden.

After the Japanese Garden, we met up with Scott and Bill (who had just come home from an awesome holiday in California, where it was 100 american degrees all day). We went to a cute creperie for an unusual but tasty dinner. A fine end to the holiday, although the peace of our dinner was interrupted by news of the American government shut-down. Seriously. What?! We certainly mixed politics and dinner on that evening.

Our drive home on Tuesday was much more civilised than the other day. There were even patches of sunshine! An all-american highlight of our trip was seeing a long convoy of tanks going on a training mission in the Washington countryside. There were about 20 of them, and everyone was in full uniform. They were coming from the local base, which you drive past on the freeway. It was quite a sight.

Thank you to Matthew, my one true love, for driving us to Portland this lovely weekend. We are celebrating a rather impressive anniversary in the coming days, and it means so much to me that we could take this time away together.

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