Monday, 9 September 2013

Home Decorating

We're not really home decorating types, Matthew and I. I mean, we have a couple of pot plants, and an awesome lawn-esque green shag rug, but we don't tend to put a lot of time and energy into cultivating our space.

Part of the reason is that before we moved to Vancouver, we lived in a cramped, drafty apartment filled with my things. And another part of the reason is because we didn't know, and still don't, how long we'll call this apartment, or this city, home. Also, I kind of love bare walls and sparse furniture. It makes me feel unstimulated and calm.

But when we went to the Chinese garden, along with the fancy tea Matthew insisted on buying a small document of "Suitable Moment for Drinking Tea". The suitable moment which won me over was "With agreeable friends and a slim concubine". Say what!?

Of course, there's no such thing anymore as just buying a poster and sticking it on your wall. We had to rearrange everything. We put up my sister Jessie's special contribution, which I rescued from my old office at UBC:

It's from the Brisbane Art Gallery. It's a photo of a mixed media collage. It's awesome. Also, I spilled a couple of drops of red wine on it, so it looks like wine-rain. I think it adds to it. (See, this is why I'm not a good decorator.)

Here's the dining corner now, with both pictures hung:

Okay, I saved the best for last. After we were married, we received the most special gift in the mail: a pair of handmade rabbits in wedding dress from my very dearest friend Akiko, who is a textiles artist. We initially had to leave these in Melbourne because of a last-minute packing crisis, but when we were back there in February, Matthew rescued them from their safe place, and we took them back to Vancouver with us.

Since then, they have lounged side-by-side all over every surface in the house. This evening, we finally found a solution... shadowbox!

Now they are forever behind glass. We hung them in the bedroom, because we already have one shamelessly personal wedding picture (a portrait of us on our wedding day) in the living room.

Thank you, Akiko, for your lovely gift. We treasure it.

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