Saturday, 7 September 2013

Achievement Day

I was going to start off with something mellow and reflective about how still and clear and warm this evening has been, but a massive spider (like, 3cm diametre, I'm not kidding) just ran across the carpet at our feet and Matthew had to mash it a couple of times with a can of spray paint. So, I need a moment to collect myself.

I have to acknowledge that today has been an Achievement Day for a couple of reasons:

1. Matthew and I were very kindly invited to a party last night to help our friend Christina (from UBC) celebrate two milestones, one of which was handing in her MA! We drank a fair bit of very fancy sparkling wine, stayed up till past midnight, and walked home 3 kilometres in red stilettos (well, I did that last one). And then sprang out of bed at 8:30am today for brunch. I'm not saying we didn't yawn hugely over our almond lattes, but hey, we made it. Warmest thanks, Christina and Grant, for a lovely evening in Mount Pleasant.

2. I dusted up a complete draft of chapter two of my thesis and submitted it to my supervisor. Great weight lifted, as I have been carrying that thing around for over two months in my brain and in my multiple inboxes (always back up your work!!).

3. I found a recipe for felafels which doesn't require a food processor or a deep fryer. Last week we bought some cumin from the bulk spice aisle and every time I open the cupboard a hint of the Middle East wafts out at me. Every. Time. So you can imagine, my longing for felafels has grown to a fever pitch since last weekend. They were pretty successful, I think. Also, it's the first time I've tried a new dinner recipe in about six months. Housewife fail.

4. In an effort to both a) go on a date and b) be thrifty, we just got in from an excursion to Granville Island for some ice cream. I feel like this has been the Summer of Ice Cream, we've had that much of it. I'm not even a particularly ice-cream-motivated person. It has to be in a waffle cone, and at least one scoop has to be chocolate. And I don't actually make a distinction between ice cream and gelato.  That's how much of an ice cream charlatan I am. But we have covered a fair number of neighbourhood ice creameries and gelateria and even fro-yo-eries. 

Anyway, it was particularly lovely down there, so here are some gratuitous Vancouver twilit skylines for you:
The Sign.

Drooping vines.

A pleasure cruise on False Creek

Burrard Bridge and Granville Island yachts

Aquabus under Granville Bridge

Me contemplating gelato
Now I'm watching Matthew sculpt a model and sharing a cup of new fragrant tea from Sun Yat-Sen's gift shop. It's been a solid day.

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