Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Vancouver Pride Parade

Last week was Vancouver Pride Week. It's an exciting time in Vancouver's annual cultural calendar, and the downtown West End is even more fun than usual. Everything on Davie Street is rainbow. Including the road.

Matthew, Jane and I made it to the Pride Parade just as it was starting. We had hoped to connect with Scott and Bill, but Davie Street was chaos, so we just did our best to stake out a grassy knoll on Pacific Boulevard and watch the glitter and dancing.

The Parade started out fairly seriously, with marching representations from established community groups, and even a Scottish pipe band. But after about 20 minutes, a two-storey green bus with loud dance music and oiled shirtless (and trouserless, let's be honest) lads rounded the corner, and it was one massive party from then on.

The WestJet blow-up aeroplane was a bit too flaccid to really fly, but it tried hard. It bounced a lot.

After the parade, we walked to the Art Gallery Cafe for a spot of lunch. Happily, ardis and Rob were wandering below and decided to text, so we invited them up.

We made an executive decision to quit downtown, and enticed everyone back to our neighbourhood for a visit to Queen Elizabeth Park and Bloedel Conservatory. Matthew and I were enchanted, I sincerely hope our guests were too! The pink pipe-cleaner tree was not in flower last time we visited, so this was a real treat. Also, they had a new flock of the most gorgeous (and gregarious) rainbow finches.

We wandered around in the late afternoon sunshine, through the ornamental gardens and the fountains with children (and adults) splashing in them, and then it was time for dinner.

We finally reconnected with Scott and Bill, who had been busy all day at the Pride Festival. We invited them over to 4th Avenue again, where, out of sheer hunger, we landed upon a tapas bar. As all the Pride festivities continued downtown, we practically had the place to ourselves. Kitsilano is rarely quiet.

We then ate, drank, and laughed the evening away. A modest end to a big day.

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  1. looks like so much fun! this relates to the last three entries, i'm only just getting caught up.