Monday, 26 August 2013

A Day In The Life

Like the "30 Before 30" thing, I've been meaning to articulate this one for a while. My day-to-day life in Vancouver in 2013 is very very different from my day-to-day life in Vancouver in 2012. In fact, each year for the last three years, I have had a significant change in not just routine, but lifestyle.

This time in 2011, Matthew and I were newly arrived in Vancouver, setting up house together in, frankly, newly married excitement. We were doing tourist activities and reconnecting with my family, and we had no routine. It was holiday, all the time.

This time in 2012, Matthew was working hard and I was really not. Matthew had a routine created around his work ethic, and I had a routine created around Matthew getting home from work. Sad, but true. And I can say with the benefit of hindsight, that I didn't have a whole lot of work ethic going on, personally.

This week is an odd week to choose to describe my daily routine, because I'm technically out of it. Friday I experienced a bit of leg pain (okay, groin pain. TMI? Well, try living it. In fact, it's so real, I might actually write a whole post on it... consider yourself warned...) and so I was off from the gym. And today was the first day of the fall term at university, so my colleagues and I were in the office before 7am rustling papers officiously and, more importantly, personally greeting bright new sparks to the program.

But apart from those interruptions, this is what my week day looks like in 2013, as I have established over the last couple of months:

5:40am Awake and walk to the gym. Balance of cardio and weights because mitigating cake intake and also, aiming to hand-mix my own Christmas gingerbread this year!

7:30am Walk home and getting ready for work. Not much to add here except that since I have been gymming in the morning, I all of a sudden find myself eating HUUUUGE breakfasts. Which I like to take at a leisurely pace.

8:45am Walk to work...

9:00am ...At desk and working. *smugness*

5:00 - 5:30pm Wrapping up work. Lunch happens in the middle somewhere, but it's more of an organic part of a general work day, rather than a formal stepping away from duties.

5:30 - 8:00pm Depends on the evening, but in the last two weeks Matthew and I have gone out for ice cream (but not, thankfully, cocktails) with friends, met up with cousins, walked in our neighbourhood, watched bloody hours of television, kept house, played warhammer, and cooked at home.

8:00pm Herbal tea and summer fruit, except for that blackberry pie indiscretion last week. Even when we fail at the summer fruit aspect, we're still very good about the non-caffeinated aspect. High five for responsible adulthood!

9:30pm Bed, where I sleep like a baby until 5:40am. HAHAHAHAyeahright. More like, internet, tv, internet, reading, internet, brushing teeth, internet. Why is the internet so fascinating at night?

10:30pm Bed, in which I turn fitfully, but am grateful to be almost never afflicted by nightmares, until 5:40am.

It's not glamourous, but it's my life.

To add to that, I have established a new routine for Saturdays (because you will notice that Thesis Writing is utterly absent from the Monday-to-Friday routine above), which is to get up and go to uni and lock myself in the computer lab. Long may it last. I have had two very productive Saturdays, so I expect my thesis may even be finished as soon as 2015. I jest, but I also weep.

And that, for the expat record I'm keeping here, is what a day in my life in 2013 looks like.

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