Tuesday, 20 August 2013

"30 Before 30"

29. It's a good age.
I've been trying to formulate a post on this for a while. When Jane was in town, we definitely spent some time talking about it. I have wanted to compose a long and respectable list of stuff to do before the big three oh. But I can only come up with about two.

1. Finish my degree
2. Run 10 miles

One is sensible and aspirational. The other is shallow and a bit vain.

In my smugger moments I congratulate myself (ok, us) on how we're go get 'em people who just pretty much think stuff up and then do stuff (case in point: eloping to Las Vegas, moving to Vancouver). And I don't want to include small things like "conquer a fancy recipe that I saw on Pinterest". I also don't want to include general things on the list that I want to have sorted by January, like booking our next trip to Australia, or doing my taxes. I don't need to sit around writing a list. I just need to get out there and do more stuff. Like I have been.

But Jane and I got to thinking that, if you're a do-er, perhaps the best way to think about your "30 before 30" list is as a way to give up things. Like, I'd really like to phase out dessert, and make it a special-occasion thing, rather than a twice-a-day thing. I haven't ever done this in my entire life, and I have blogged ad nauseum about my desire to limit the treats.

I would also like to give up television in the evenings. Matthew and I don't even have a tv, and yet we manage to watch upwards of 6 hours of netflix every week. What? I know. I'm shaking my head while writing this.

I would also like to start reading for pleasure again. It's been a while since I just picked up a book and read it, something that I didn't have to read for uni or book club.

But all those are long term behaviour changes, not meaningful life goals.

I imagine I will have more to say on this in the coming months.

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