Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Best Ice Cream Shop In The World

I'm sitting at the computer full of food, covered in sand, and feeling so tired my eyes might fall out before I get to the end of this post. Soldier. On.

Friday evening a knocked off work early because I had a load of hours left over from Wednesday when I worked like 11 hours. So at 3:40pm I was just about ready to turn everything off when I got a This Is Very Urgent email from one of my millions of superiors. Le Sigh. It was the first time such an Urgent Event has happened, and I've been there for a month, so it was to be expected. Luckily it was handled in about 5 minutes (it really was quite urgent), and I was outside the building by 3:50pm.

I met my intrepid cousin Carolyn (of blogging fame, The World to See) for the first time since she had returned from roaming the southern hemisphere. A portion of that time she spend staying with my sister, mum and dad, so I was keen for news from home, and ENTHRALLED by her tales of travelling in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Seriously, go read her blog. The photos alone are worth it.

We decided that 4pm is not too early for a hard-earned cocktail, so we ordered lavishly. Matthew joined us when he got home from work, and we were later met by Carolyn's mum, Aunty Lorraine. We then walked from Granville St over to Broadway for an Indian feast. But we finished up so early and the sun was still so high and hot that we decided, thanks to Intrepid Carolyn's genius suggestion, to roadtrip to a brand new neighbourhood never yet explored by Matthew and me... Strathcona!!

Okay, Strathcona is magical in an East-of-Downtown way. It's right next door to Chinatown, and is chock-a-block full of adorable old Vancouver houses, mostly meticulously renovated. We spied many neighbourhood cats lurking in the late evening sun, and there were lots of people out and about. Carolyn led us straight to the BEST ICE CREAM SHOP IN THE WORLD. I'm not kidding. I've actually been around the world, and I've eaten enough ice cream in my time, so I'm totally an authority on this. I'm not even saying it's the best ice cream in the world. It's just the best ice cream shop.

Without further ado:

Right in the door, I was already off my nut for excitement. I'm pointing at a dinosaur ice cream cake. There were like 30 cakes, all more gaudy than the one before.

The store was ice cream cases on three sides, and people walking around dazed by the glut of choice. The store was also outrageously pink and diversely mural'd with various national pictures.

Waffle cones! Mural! Pink!!

Tasteful interior mural.

Some of the more colourful flavours. Not pictured: garlic ice cream, curry ice cream...

You can see how utterly more excited I am about this experience than my fellows, here.

Us ladies are standing to the left, near the corner door of this magnificent barbie-pink ice cream shop, and to the right of us are a couple of the zillions of motorcycles... yep, bikies love ice cream too.

At one point, while we were standing out the front licking our waffle cones, Matthew nearly lost his ice cream entirely. It toppled out of the cone and was in the air of a second, and then Matthew caught it with his bare hands and stuffed it back in the cone. Saved!

We didn't actually end up with the most interesting flavours. I had pear one scoop, chocolate & candied ginger the other scoop. Aunty Lorraine had Bailey's Irish Cream, and Matthew actually was the most adventurous of us all with a taro scoop! But he does love a taro bubble tea, so I guess it wasn't too out of his comfort zone.

Funny story: I was going to make this blog post about our entire weekend, but then I remembered how totally epic and packed it was, and also how frontier-of-excellent the ice cream shop was, that I decided to refocus. Good night. You're welcome.

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