Sunday, 26 May 2013

We ran the Sea Wall

Since I started jogging one minute at a time on the women's gym treadmill the week after Thanksgiving in October 2011, I have dreamed of the day when I would casually run the Granville Bridge/Scienceworld loop of the Vancouver Sea Wall. Last week, it finally happened. Matthew and I put our sneakers on, braved the chill breeze in our t-shirts, and headed down to the bridge on-ramp. On the other side of the Granville Bridge we were waylaid by some construction works, but we found our way back to the seawall on the North side, and legged it to Scienceworld.
The circuit.
We saw many a purebred dog, the odd rollerblader, and several Canada geese ranging in temperament from nonchalant to hissing mad. We stopped for a stretch and a shoe-lace-re-tie at Scienceworld, and then continued on at a steady pace. When we got past the Cambie Bridge on the South side, we found a swarm of baby Canada geese swimming on a pond. It was ADORABLE, and it was like a reward for our resolve.
Ok, so we only had our camera phones, but if you look in the distance, you can see a fuzzy yellow line on the water? That's about 30 goslings, being herded by about 3 geese.

Looking North West onto Yaletown across False Creek

Another Canada gosling!! These were mean parent-geese. Hissed at us severely.
When we got back to Granville bridge (now underneath it), I'm sorry to say that we repaired to the nearest Starbucks and guzzled some gross drinks. When we got home, I 'mapped my run' on the internet, and learned that we had covered 6.68 miles. So I know for sure that we ran at least 6 of them. Good work, Team Beavis!

(Side note: when walking home under the Granville Street bridge, we passed this billboard... made entirely out of pennies! The one cent coin was only discontinued in Canada in February 2013. We still have dozens of them in our apartment. Perhaps Matthew can use them to make art?)

This weekend was unexpectedly busy. Matthew had a Warhammer tournament on Saturday, and I went... no seriously... to a Vogon Poetry Slam at the Vancouver Public Library. (Saturday, for all you Douglas Adams fans, was of course 'International Towel Day'). It was quite the event. The organisers were dressed head to toe in alien costumes. When I arrived, an alien said to me, 'Do you need a towel, dear?' and I, not knowing that it was ITD, or even what ITD was, replied fearfully 'Um... do you think I need a towel?' Finally I was joined by my friend Adriana (it was her birthday) and we settled in to enjoy some dreadful poetry. Shout out to the Brunswick posse: this event was a TRIUMPH for rude word scrabble. I haven't heard that many hilariously rude and gross words for a while. Plenty of 'moist'. So, Adriana, her friend Simon, and I all lived through the experience, and then wandered up Robson Street to the Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe for a slice of birthday cake and a cup of tea. *sigh of relief* Happy birthday, Adriana! Honoured to have shared it with you!

Saturday evening Matthew and I explored Commercial Drive, when we were invited to our friend Alayna's house cooling party. That lady knows how to host! Never were our glasses or plates empty! She put on a beautifully healthy banquet, and we were joined by several lads from UBC English and some others of Alayna's acquaintance. At approximately 11pm, we received a knock on the door from am neighbour asking us to party more quietly... I have to say that's the first time Matthew and I have been instructed to pipe down in several years. Are we getting old?


  1. i can imagine the vogons would have the rudest of all rude word poetry.

    good work on the running! glad to hear you survived geese. my grandfather used to keep geese as guard pets. angry birds.

  2. Geese are the scariest. But goslings are worth the danger. So cute.