Monday, 13 May 2013

Only in Richmond: Green Edition

Matthew's work is very 'green'. He's a mechanic for a large organisation, and it just won an international award for environmental initiative. The site has a wind turbine, solar panels, and since very recently, a plug-in station for electric cars (which are coming soon). Also, geothermal heating and cooling, and a recycled water system. But the most awesomely 'green' thing is the bee colonies on the roof. Yes.

For the past two years, Matthew has come home with local honey from the bees on his work roof. The first year was very light in colour and flavour. But last year's batch was dark and fragrant, like the difference between IPA and stout, if you can imagine. It was literally concentrated, because the harvest was much smaller than the previous year.

Last week, one of the queens in one of the hives vacated the nest. So of course the bees swarmed. All over Matthew's work. Noone could get in or out of the dealership, because everywhere was covered in bees.

Ah, Richmond.


  1. Neil and I did not mean to laugh, but the minute anyone says "covered in bees!" we immediately think of this:

  2. I watched this! I can see how you would make that connection ;)