Saturday, 20 April 2013

Photopost: VanDusen and Shaugnessy in Bloom

First things first: after a rather busy university week on Friday evening, I took my fellow English grad friend Maddie to a cocktail bar on Granville, and we cheerfully and systematically sampled their menu until the sun got very low in the sky. Naturally this morning, though the sky was blue, I was reluctant to venture forth too early. So on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, Matthew and I finally decided to make good on our promise to visit the local botanical garden. Before we got to the garden, we captured some of our neighbourhood.
On our street: the mock tudor apartment block in bloom
View down Hemlock
West 20 Avenue and Oak, the pinkest street in Vancouver

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Matthew in front of the entrance

Fountain (um, what else can I say?)

Such dainty flowers, such undainty name, 'Spurge'. Rude word scrabble anyone?

Cherry Blossom Walk, about a week too late.

Gettin' chilly


Very fancy and geometric camelia

Korean Pagoda

The ground covered in perfect leaf skeletons

The monkey puzzle tree in the middle of the maze, Matthew looking smug at finding the middle of the maze

Outer view of the maze

Most appropriate signage

I am please to have named these 'fisticuff ferns'

Magnolia tree grotto

Not sure what this purple flower was, but it a thin black leaf and a checkered petal

Space alien flowers

Close up, including fuzzy ball and two protruding clones. Seriously alien.

Sea of tulips, some daffodils, some other
A larger-than-life anthropomorphic goat statue by the tulip plantation

Miniature succulent rockery

Canada goose napping

After all that strolling and snapping, we repaired to the garden cafe for a quiche and a cup of tea. ...And who should we meet but Aimee from UBC! She was meeting a friend for an afternoon of similar strolling. While we waited for Aimee's date, we lingered over our tea and made fearful predictions about the Sun Run we've all signed up for tomorrow. It was very serendipitous, and it made us feel like we are really getting to be locals, when we can go for cocktails with friends spontaneously, and just bump into other friends at the gardens.

We had put away the camera, but we took turn away from Oak and walked a new way home, and the manicured private gardens and mansions of increasing grandeur could not pass undocumented.


Tiny pompom flowers (no, that is not their botanical, nor their common name)

Pansies all in a row

Astonishingly red tulips

The first most best mansion we saw all afternoon. It was Quite A Pile.

Bulbous tree trunk.
When we got back to Granville St, we passed our local corner store and Matthew very gallantly bought some tulips of our very own to remind us of our adventure.

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  1. I think that purple flower is a chocolate lily! Lovely photos =)