Monday, 29 April 2013

Kitsilano Stroll on the Sea Wall

A truth: I have been using blogger for nearly two years, and I have never actually scheduled a post for the future! I always write and post in real time. But not today! I thought two posts in one day (Sunday) would be overkill, so I've scheduled this to appear at a reasonable hour on Monday instead. Here goes nothing...

Saturday was all kinds of dreary: rain, wind, chill, you name it. So Matthew and I visited Gramma for a long cup of tea and a chat, and then wasted an hour in Metrotown (a large shopping mall, and one of the infamous 'circles of hell'). The day was rectified when, at 6pm, the sun miraculously appeared wanly though the clouds, and we walked from our place to Broadway for our friend Stuart's birthday dinner. Such a nice evening, and met/caught up with lots of friendly people.

Sunday was not so drear. So, in true Zoe fashion, I pretty much stamped my foot and pouted and begged Matthew to take me on an outing until he relented. We walked down to Granville Island and instead of charging straight for the deli section, we took a left turn and wandered along the sea wall for an hour. It was delightful.

Granville Island Marina, overlooking Yaletown and Granville Bridge

Totem pole under Burrard Bridge

Getting ready for Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival ("It's in tents")!!
With Vancouver Museum to the right

Totem Pole in Kitsilano, on Ogden St I think

Rolling green of Vanier Park

False Creek and English Bay

Click to enlarge. We named this 'The Bay of Sunken things' because we noticed a sunken sailboat, and then in the foreground, a sunken bicycle!

When we got to Kits Beach, we were a bit surprised to see so many people out and about. There was even a swimmer! We were near faint from hunger, so we walked up Yew St and sat outside (!!) on the porch of a cafe under the pink spring blossoms and tried to enjoy a vegan chocolate chip cookie. It was okay, I guess.

We then panted up the steep hill to 4th Ave and wandered homeward, with only a trifling delay at a local wine shop. Not bad for a Sunday stroll, not bad at all.

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