Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cousin Day!

Last Tuesday I was met at my front door by a car full of cousins! Eleanor, Carolyn, Sophie, Emily and I all gathered for a day out on the North Shore, exploring the neighbourhood of Ambleside.

The weather was sunny, warm and gorgeous, and the water looked particularly stunning as we went over the Lions Gate Bridge. We arrived in Ambleside at 11ish, and parked near the beach. We wandered on the pier for a while and watched people fishing for crabs.
Cousins on a log, overlooking Kitsilano (in the distance)

The whole team, overlooking Lions Gate Bridge

Sophie looking wistfully

Sisters: Carolyn and Eleanor

Emily striking a grand pose

A ginormous seagull.

Then we found a lovely art gallery surrounded on all sides by beds of orange tulips. The gallery contained local landscapes and cityscapes, all uniform in tone and yet all by different artists.

It took us about 15 minutes to locate the nearest consignment store (it's like we have a homing device or something) and we spend a heavenly half hour inspecting furs, pearls, cowboy boots, and various technicolour blouses and dresses.

After avoiding any purchases, we walked up the main street to the infamous Ambleside pie shop.The decor was like a country kitchen circa 1940. Lots of old heavy wooden tables and lurid vinyl chairs, and huge old metal kitchen appliances and storage containers. Totally retro heaven.

We pretty much all ordered pie. I actually had two pies: tourtiere (a French Canadian pie with beef and pork in it), and then raspberry rhubarb for dessert. Yes, it was a bit much. We certainly didn't have room for an afternoon coffee as we had originally planned.

After pie, we wandered some more into the shops and along the beach. Things were pretty quiet, but it was a Tuesday. Along the water we saw several sunbathers flaked out on the sand! Seriously, it was a gorgeous day, but only about 13 degrees. They were pretty keen, I think. The sunbathers were lying directly in front of the yeacht club shed, so I think it sheltered them from the wind.
Seriously. Keen.
Wind and big hair

Stanley Park across the Burrard Inlet

Half a swan
Wildlife report: There were a million dogs out and about on the waterfront, and as my cousins are generally dog-lovers, we did a lot of admiring and patting. At an estuary/pondy thing beside the beach, we also saw a big white swan! It was seriously fishing with its neck deep underwater, so we mostly just saw its tail. But it was still sort of elegant.

(Non sequitur: Much later in the day, Matthew and I went out for a coffee and when we came back there was a man taking his giant fat ginger cat for a walk on a leash. Funniest thing ever. Like a dog, the cat was stopping to sniff all the things.)

Thank you to the cousins for a gorgeous day out at the beach (ingeniously involving pie, well done!).

Best of happy travels to cousin Carolyn, who (after a rough start) has departed for Melbourne, Australia, and will be keeping a blog of her adventures: The World To See.

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