Monday, 25 February 2013

Photopost: Saturday on the Sea Wall

Last weekend Matthew and I wanted to do something idiosyncratically Vancouver. This was inspired in part by our week in Melbourne doing tourist things, and also by the inauguration of my new 'Things to do' page (see above menu). In short, we wanted to be strangers in our own city, and also take advantage of the clear sunny weather.

We breakfasted leisurely and bussed up Granville into town, and then caught the Stanley Park bus to the Aquarium. Starting at Lumberman's Arch, we walked around the Sea Wall to English Bay Beach.

Matthew looking windswept under Lumberman's Arch (notice the swathe of actual blue sky!!)

In Coal Harbour, a Flock of Loons (represented on the Canadian $1 coin) and Matthew swears he's never seen one in real life before! Score for our running tally of Canadian Wildlife Bingo.

Stiff breeze

View of the North Shore

More loons, under Lions Gate Bridge, Grouse Mountain in the background

Adorable tiny birds fossicking on a scrap of shore one foot wide against the sea wall. (NB: blogger spellcheck doesn't recognise 'fossicking' as a word! ... I googled it and it turns out it's a cornish-aussie-nz goldrush term??)

Siwash Rock

And from a distance. When we rounded the point, it was full-on sun glare all the way to English Bay! (...Okay fine don't believe me.)

A seagull having an elaborate picnic.

Just when we were flagging, an appropriate throne presented itself.
A spontaneous collection of inukshuks (or inuksuit plural??) on English Bay Beach.

'A-maze-ing Laughter' by Yue Minjun, of 14 laughing men at Davie and Denman. (worth clicking to expand for detail) It's funny to watch how this sculpture encourages interaction, because people always seem to be mimicking the poses.
It took us a bit over an hour to walk the five or six kilometres, I think, although it was one of those delightful weekend afternoons where we stopped and started and didn't keep time. We did have to be in Burnaby by 5pm though, so we did a bit of frantic watch-checking towards the end.

In the evening we had an invitation to my cousin Eleanor's birthday, where we caught up with the family, ate Chinese food and birthday cake, and exchanged holiday adventure stories.

Birthday girl Eleanor, Gramma, Carolyn and Me

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