Thursday, 17 January 2013

Book Club and Future Adventures

Thursday night, where did you spring from? This week is still a race to the finish line as Matthew and I gear up for an adventure. More on that later.

Sunday was book club at our house. I discovered that only one other Lady had read Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, there were six lovely attendees: Chelsea (brought homemade brownies, she is a saint), Anne, Katie, Mina (brought apple caramel pie, also a saint), Kendall and Martina. We ate ourselves silly and talked about life, the universe, and everything (except Catch-22, natch). I lie, we did talk about it for a minute or two.

I feel like it was a success. food was eaten, laughs were had, and we have set The Picture of Dorian Gray as our next month's read, which is jolly convenient, because I will be teaching it to my first year students around that time. Two birds, one stone.

After book club I had the house to myself as Matthew was busy with home improvements at Martina's house (after gaming with Stu all arvo, they finally got to cabinet assembly at around 5, and finished up around 7:30...). I resolved recently that I am old enough and mature enough to read books in the bathtub. Haven't dropped anything in the soup yet. So I took a light read in there for an hour before Matthew got home. I'm not saying it was comfy, because the tub is less than two feet deep. But I want to be the kind of person who reads in the bath. Know what I mean?

Since then things have been quiet. Yesterday Matthew won tickets to the NHL through his work draw (remember that lockout situation I was talking about? Now resolved! Hockey is on!!). This is our first trip to major league, so we are pretty stoked! It's not for a week or two though. Be prepared for photos and recap here soon!

So Matthew and I are off to Seattle for a couple of days, and we are excited to be continuing our tradition of exploring revolving restaurants! Last time we were in Seattle was for a Hanson concert, over a year ago in the summertime. Somehow I imagine this trip may be different... Full report to follow.

Have a good week, all xoxo

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