Friday, 28 December 2012

That lonely gap between Christmas and New Year

I'm just posting this by way of getting back into blogging after a little break. Limbering up, I guess. Today there's a light on the Eastern horizon in the view from our apartment that makes it look like sunset all day. It's only 2pm, and the light has been there since 11am when I sat down to breakfast.

This morning I finally finished Love in the Time of Cholera, the pleasure of which was interrupted some weeks ago by an offensive Age editorial that Matthew shared with me on social media. Some elderly private school teacher in the Melbourne suburbs thinks this excellent literary novel should be removed from the school curriculum in Victoria because the hero is a pedophilic rapist. Um. That's exactly why it should be on the list, so that it gets teenagers learning to recognise and criticise these things. *sigh*

This morning I also started Catch-22 which is on the list for our January book club, which will be held Chez Beavis. The promise of this future baking opportunity is allaying the fractiousness and desolation I experienced on Boxing Day evening after it dawned on me that another year of Christmas baking is firmly over. Also, one of my kindred (literally and spiritually) cousins gave me some beautiful baking supplies, so I'm looking forward to putting them to good use.

Matthew is back at work. After the four days we had over the weekend + Christmas (he had Chr. Eve off), it was a bit of a blow to see him off to work on Boxing Day. I hit the gym an hour earlier than usual in solidarity with his work ethic, and then braved the Boxing Day Sales at Metrotown. Scored some hot pink jeans (ie. definitely not raspberry but not quite highlighter either) which make me feel a wide spectrum from plump to mutton-dressed-as-lamb, to inexplicably fabulous. High-five to you if you also own age-inappropriate clothing.

I will work my way up to a proper Christmas recap with photos etc in the next little while. Until then I will be plowing through my stack of voluntarily and involuntarily selected fiction (because the holiday is over on Wednesday) and getting ready for Gogol Bordello tonight at the Commodore!

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