Thursday, 20 December 2012

Snow Day

Stop the press! Yesterday Vancouver experienced a bona fide SNOW STORM! All buses were delayed, UBC closed up shop, and it began to feel a lot like the Christmases you see in movies.

Matthew had to go to work. Here are his shots of the day:

Matthew did finally make it home, with all his fingers and toes still attached, about an hour later than usual.

My day was rather less arduous. But I had an appointment at Granville Island to keep, and I sussed out that that infamous fromagerie was actually quite close by, so I decided to put my big girl boots on and go for a 'splore.

But first, for posterity, I shall record some Realities of Walking in the Snow:

1. Slippery as sin
2. Umbrella is useless
3. Gloves are useless (TMI: I once got chilblains (one winter in Harcourt, ironically), so in the nippy weather I always have a real fear that I will get them again. Whenever I start to lose feeling in my fingers and toes I get a bit panicky and high-strung. No chilblains yesterday though. *sigh of relief*)

Random bear on 2nd Ave

A lone worm, stretching desperately across the frozen footpath

All the buses lined up South Granville St (there were 4 buses in this queue, all going nowhere)

Picturesque Holly tree

Our street

Our building

My excellent houndstooth check snow boots. Best $40 EVER SPENT

Around the neighbourhood I spotted some excellent snowmen:
Exhibit A could not have been more than 3 hours old, and about 2 ft tall.
Exhibit B is a day old and about 3.5 ft tall.
Confession: I took this photo this morning, after a considerable rainfall had affected exhibit C here. Would have stood 3.5 feet in his heyday (yesterday).

When I got back indoors at about midday, the snow was not nearly done. It continued whirly and fearsome until about 3pm, and then it all turned to rain. Here are some shots from the warmth (all 27 degrees, yeeeeaaah) of our apartment:

Okay so please don't judge my (lack of) housekeeping, but this windowsill has snow on it (and mould *weep*)! Amazing! And funny because we actually have Christmas decals on the bottom corner of the other window to simulate this very natural effect!
Snow build-up on the balcony ledge.
When Matthew came home we got stuck into some very interesting new cheese, which tasted all the sweeter because of the adventure involved in procurement, and traded Snow Day Stories. It's nice to be warm.

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